SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, HTC and Nokia First Phones with WP8

Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, HTC

The preview of Microsoft of the new launching Windows Phone 8 mobile OS is displayed and there is an important takeaway which companies will start first WP8 phones and from where the chipsets for those phones will come from. Nokia is apparently one of the companies which are responsible for building Windows Phone 8 handsets. [...]

Legacy devices denies WP8, Instead of offers WP7.8


After many months of opposing speculations, the masters of the current crop of WP smartphones finally collected official information pertaining to the eligibility of their mobiles for upgrade of WP8. It is regretted to say that Microsoft did not respond as we were all hoping for. It was also confirmed that the just announced Windows [...]

Launch Samsung Galaxy Note II Set Supposedly for this Fall

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was a big inclusion in Samsung family, marketing some 7 million units since exhibiting in the market late previous year. Speculations abound that its latest iteration will appear this October, to anticipate the fall release date for rival tech giant Apple’s iPhone 5. The handset Note II, will supposedly specifies [...]

Nokia 808 PureView vs Olympus E-PL2 vs Canon 5D Mark III vs Apple iPhone 4S: 38MP shootout

Nokia 808 PureView

After watching the Nokia 808 PureView ace out blind test which beat comfortably even a Micro Four Thirds camera. Most of you wanted to look that how its 41MP sensor does against higher res cameras. We are now going to giving you the proper answer for its function. Now we are going to use the [...]

Review of AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Behold, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III! This device has all the features which we should write. The device Galaxy S III has been exhibited overseas for many weeks now. We have attended its exhibition taken place in London. It has features including big, sleek and having extended battery life time. Now it is going [...]

ZTE exhibits Qualcomm S4-powered Grand X LTE

ZTE unveils

The ZTE Grand X LTE (T82) has been shaped as slate and run on a 28 nm chipset naming Qualcomm’s MSM8960 enabling it to save on power usage because fewer individual chips are available inside to save your battery life. Having been installed in it, the 1900 mAh battery will keep the dual-core 1.5 GHz [...]

Apple extends exclusive deal for two years with Liquidmetal

Apple extends

The mobile phone manufacturing company, Apple has used liquid metal so far for the Sim ejector tool using in iPhones and iPads, but the company providing this material has made declaration that exclusive deal done between them and Apple will be carried for two more years. The deal confers the exclusive rights to Apple to [...]

Admittance of HTC of Wi-Fi hardware issue on International One X


Some users of HTC One X have noted the issues relating to connectivity with Wi-Fi and strangely, these issues can be solved temporarily by squeezing the handset in the right place. Obviously it seems to be a hardware issue and not seemed to be considered relating to software update. This memorizes us of the HTC [...]

Expectation of Canalys to Android dominance continue in 2012

Android dominance

Canalys made some upcoming predictions on the smart phone market in 2012. The company has done analysis that these ongoing trends will continue dominance till the end of the year with Android which is still the most popular platform. Canalys expects the global smart phone market to grow by just over a third compared to [...]

Reportedly WP overtakes iPhone with 7% of market in China

iPhone in China

While 7% of the Chinese mobile phone market may not be feeling overwhelmed about especially in consideration of Android had floating at 68.4% last time we checked, an effective statistic if think that since last two months, a single WP-powered device has not been sold in China. This speed has been watched growing in another [...]

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