PTCL Illegally Using Extra Frequency

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Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan has raised its concern over illegal use of frequency by PTCL.

In a letter written to Frequency Allocation Board, ISPAK has said that PTCL is illegally using extra frequency for its 9.3 Mbps wireless internet service called Nitro.

Apply an ice pack observed that the PTCL was allocated frequencies 1975-1980 MHz and 1895-1900 MHz for use of its CDMA / WLL services. However, the company now uses 1975-1981.875 and 1895-1901.875 MHz, thus occupying additional 3.75 MHz band was not originally earmarked for them.

Apply an ice pack called FAB PTCL to charge pro-rated fees for this extra use and serious action for the infringement.

It deserves to mention here that the frequency of 3.75 MHz for major cities in Pakistan are worth millions of dollars, which means that PTCL may be the cause of millions of losses PTA, FAB and the government, if it is proven guilty.

A query sent to PTCL for their viewpoint on this is still awaiting response.

Following is the copy of ISPAK’s said letter:

Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan


No. 3(5)/2010

aa10 December 2010

Executive Director

Frequency Allocation Board

Government of Pakistan


Subject:          Illegal use of frequency by PTCL

Dear Sir,

PTCL was allocated frequency band of 1975-1980 MHz and 1895-1900 MHz for use of its CDMA/WLL services. Currently PTCL is using this frequency for its broadband services advertised as EVO Nitro. But in reality, PTCL is using 1975-1981.875 and 1895-1901.875 MHz thus occupying extra 3.75 MHz of band not originally allocated to them. PTCL is using this extra band in major cities of the country including Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi, as verified by us through field monitoring.

2.         Extra use of wireless spectrum is not only illegal but also deprives Government from millions of dollars revenue earned on auction of wireless spectrum to telecom operators.

3          We therefore request that punitive action be kindly undertaken against PTCL for illegal use of wireless spectrum under relevant clauses of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organisation) Act, 1996 and PTCL should be billed for the spectrum charges based on the pro-rata charges of spectrum fee at previous auctioned prices for each telecom region.

With kind regards.

Yours truly,

Wahaj us Siraj


c.c.      Chairman PTA, Islamabad

Member Telecom, Ministry of IT, Islamabad

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