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Property Transfer to PTCL, not Contractual Obligation: Waqar

Federal Minster for Privatization Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan has said that there was no contractual obligation to transfer titles of the state-land where the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL) offices stand to private investors. “It was not our contractual obligation to transfer or mutate the property in the name of PTCL,” he said. “But the [...]

Khosa Terms PTCL’s Privatization Totally Fair

Tussle over PTCL’s privatization continues after the Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan’s statement yesterday where he had said that there was no contractual obligation to transfer title of state land where PTCL office doors to private investors today advisor to Prime Minister Information Technology Latif Khosa said that there is no ambiguity in the Privatization of [...]

Etisalat Was Transparent in PTCL’s Privatization: Chairman Etisalat

In response to Senator Waqar’s statement on the floor of National Assembly, where he had said that privatization deal  of PTCL with Etisalat  was not  transparent and  made in violation of  rules and  procedures, Chairman Etisalat Mr. Mohammad Omran has said that Etisalat’s investment in PTCL came in the wake of a welcome invitation and [...]

PTCL Deal Unfair, Contrary to Rules

The Federal Minister  for Privatisation  Senator Waqar  Ahmed Khan  Wednesday revealed  before the  National Assembly  that the  privatization deal  of PTCL  with Etisalat  was not  transparent and  made in  violation of  rules and  procedures. “The part of the privatization of PTCL was not transparent. It was made in violation of the rules and procedures, said [...]

Delay Pakistan Payment

Etisalat will likely withhold its fifth payment in a row, due on March 31st, 2010, to the Pakistani Government for the acquisition of a 26 per cent in Pakistan Telecom (PTCL) as a dispute over the transfer of properties to PTCL remains unresolved, reported Gulf News, quoting Mohammad Omran, Chairman Etisalat. “Until now, the government [of Pakistan] has not turned a list of [...]

Pre and Post Privatization Tale PTCL’s Financials

Continued from PTCL’s Sullied Sale – May Value 1.4 Bln, Not 2.6 Bln Far from being an incompetent liability, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) was, before its privatization, one of the strongest telecom players in South Asia. It had a large pool of expert technicians, many of whom had even been deputed for short periods [...]

NA body slams PTCL Inability to Meet Obligations

The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee on IT and Telecom criticized PTCL’s administration over its inability to fulfil obligations made to the government. The committee met under the chairmanship of MNA Muhammad Barjees Tahir, at the parliament house to probe into the privatization of PTCL. After hearing the officials of both the ministries, the committee [...]

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